RejsRejsRejs, which literally means TravelTravelTravel, is Denmark’s largest travel magazine. Our purpose is to support all travel-savvy people, so they can travel better, travel longer (in time) and travel responsible.

That is why we provide real travel insights, a vibrant travel community and extraordinary travel packages from carefully selected partners.

RejsRejsRejs is based in the heart of the travel company district of central Copenhagen, Denmark.

We reach out

Our travel magazine is sharing targeted travel insights with our readers through our website (in more languages), a bi-monthly newsletter, 8 social media channels and 2 apps.

We currently reach 2+ million travellers each month in total across our 12 channels (non-unique users, measured by Analytics), with a majority of Danish women in the audience. By adding 2 Scandinavian content sharing media networks, and a high visibility on Google we have a truly significant reach every month.

RejsRejsRejs - Online Travel Magazine

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