California and Buenos Aires: The most eventful big city destinations

When you talk about big cities out of the ordinary, it is often the northern hemisphere that comes into play. Cities like Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai often run away with the titles as the best big cities to experience. But the southern hemisphere has plenty to offer, including Argentina’s beautiful capital Buenos Aires.

Argentina — an overlooked pearl
Buenos Aires can do something that the stylish, cool northern glass-and-steel cities can’t do. We find life, party and colors beyond the usual, and you can almost feel the culture and atmosphere pulsating through the body.
The city was founded in the 16th century and is Argentina’s largest city. The name Buenos Aires actually means ‘good luck’, and you should probably get good luck on your holiday, because there is plenty to experience here.

Visit the oldest part of San Telmo, the center of art, or take a stroll in La Recoleta Cemetery, which is filled with magnificent mausoleums and beautiful statues. Buy a ticket to the Teatro Colón, one of Buenos Aires’ most important landmarks, and enjoy the beautiful architecture and the fantastic performances the opera puts on.

When darkness falls, remember that Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango. Find the nearest nightclub and let yourself be seduced by the rhythmic tones of authentic South American music, and dance the night away with the locals.

California’s hotspots
Having said all that, the Northern Hemisphere has something to offer as well. For example the US state of California, which offers big cities that are anything but cold and boring.

Head to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States after New York. The city has something for everyone. Visit Hollywood, where the stars are lined up on the walking street, and take a look at the sign everyone knows, or take a walk on The Walk Of Fame. Take a day of fun not too far from the city, to explore Disneyland and let children and childish souls have an experience of a lifetime. When it’s time for relaxation, then it’s lucky that there is only a short walk to the beach and the sea.

Also visit the big cities of San Francisco or Sacramento, which isa little further north of California. The cities are less crowded with tourists, but still have a lot of experiences to offer. Discover the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or visit the infamous Alcatraz prison.

In the state capital of Sacramento, you can visit the Railway Museum, the California Parliament Museum, or explore the ancient buildings that are extremely well-preserved in the old town of Sacramento.



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