Discover Graz on your holiday in Austria

With Austria as a holiday destination, you should have no doubt that the country has plenty to offer for you and your family. That being said, planning a vacation in Austria can seem a bit frustrating when deciding which cities and places to visit along the way.

Austria’s second largest city is home to many family friendly sights
When talking about holidays in Austria, you probably think of ski holidays or roadtrip holidays. But it does not have to be neither. Austria’s second largest city Graz offers many sights to suit the whole family — even in the summer months. The most common sights that you can all visit together are the nature park Schlossberg in the inner city, the historic center, the Altstadt, and the castle park at Schloss Eggenberg.

Out in the open with the whole family
The city of Graz also offers lots of experiences out in the Austrian nature. Tighten your bike helmet and take a bike ride out on the Murradweg trail. Here you can point out the different things you see on your way together — lakes, buildings, bridges and all kinds of green plants. A more exciting activity if you have older children is to visit Lurgrotte Peggau. Bats live in the cave and is an exciting adventure for the person who love to go into the unknown — the cave is like a labyrinth inside.

If you have smaller children, the children’s museum “FRida & freD” — as it is actually written — provides a fantastic opportunity for the little ones to unfold creatively. The museum’s activities appeal to children up to the age of 12 and are therefore a fantastic activity to experience when you are on holiday in Graz anyway.

Should you eat grass in Graz?
The short answer is, that it is up to you— but there are plenty of places to eat real food in Graz, which is also a pleasure for both children and adults. Children often find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Although Graz offers many finer places to eat and with views of both Kunsthaus and Schloss Eggenberg, there are also many other dining options that make it fun for the whole family and where you can be as childish as you want to.

Tempting culinary selections in Graz
You can take the family on a field trip to the many food markets in Graz. The most popular are located at Kaiser Josef Platz and Lendplatz. There are lots of temptations, and you can hand-pick traditional specialties. Here, everyone can choose small delicacies, fruits, vegetables and much more. All this can be put together for a cozy picnic in the nature park Schlossberg — it cannot get any more idyllic than this.

Austria is children friendly
If you decide to go to Austria for your holidays, the city of Graz is an obvious choice for when it is time to gather the family and you need more relaxation together. These tips are hopefully enough to inspire you and your family for your next summer trip to the Austrian mountains and cities.



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