From Copenhagen to Alroe: Tartlets which you just have to try

Danish Chicken Tartlets

Tartlets have become a hit in fine dining in Copenhagen and on the island of Alroe, where people sprint for the sake of the tartlets.
The thick and crispy puff pastry shells with creamy sauce and traditional or varying fillings are not just an old Danish home dish. They have also found their way to a large number of smaller and larger eateries.

Danish Tartlets with vegetables

Tarteletter ad libitum
In Copenhagen, there are unlimited options for ordering the creamy shells. Here the physical environment comes into play as much as the very different versions of the tartlets. Here is just a selection of some of them.
For example, take a trip past Christianshavns Færgecafé on Tuesdays. Tartlets are served ad libitum, and there is thus guaranteed satiety in puff pastry and creamy chicken filling.

Checkered tablecloths and brown sauce
If you prefer the more untraditional filling, then there is the option of it at Restaurant Schønnemann. In addition to salmon and spinach, they have veal tongue tartlets in ‘mushroom a lá créme’ or fried veal brisket and parsley fries.
If you are mostly into the traditional shells, then it is clear that Guldkroen is the way to go. The brown inn, known for its brown sauce, even has Christmas tartlets with kale, brown potatoes and ham. The rest of the year it is possible to put your teeth in the traditional chicken filling — also ad libitum.

Big tartlets on small island
If you are drawn to rural idyll while eating your tartlets, then it is Alroe that you must go to. Alroe is located in Horsens Fjord outside Odder, and the island does not only attracts tourists due to the beautiful nature and the opportunity to frolic in water activities; they also come to eat the famous tartlets at Café Alroe. The small café is located at the far end of the island and is worth the trip — but remember to book a table in advance, they get sold out easy. And do not eat from home if you have to eat tartlets — there are copious amounts.

Nogle tager det tungt — andre ta’r det letter’… (Danish saying)
The tartlets, which are served at Café Alroe, are not the small ones that most people would know them as — but at 400 grams each, they fill an entire plate. You can order chicken with asparagus, salmon and shrimp or the vegetarian version. Regardless of the filling, the size is the same.

A former guest has managed to eat five tartlets, and he has been immortalized in glass and frame on one wall of the café. In return, he got a bad stomach ache and had to spend another hour and a half at the restaurant before he could drive from there.

Bon appetite or Velbekomme as we say in Danish!



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