Gastronomic experiences in Calabria, Italy


Italy is rich in gastronomic experiences. The taste of Mediterranean culture is sumptuous, but one of the more overlooked regions of southern Italy is more than rich in ingredients you just have to try. The region of Calabria offers gastronomic art with flavors from the Arabic, northern and Mediterranean cuisine.

The best dishes in Reggio Calabria
In the southern Italian region of Reggio Calabria, you will be offered dishes that include stockfish and clipfish. There is actually not a single restaurant in Reggio Calabria that does not have their own interpretation of the dish stockfish, stocco. In addition to the most famous dishes, with the view of the crystal clear water, you can embark on a food adventure that offers swordfish of various preparations — another of the region’s specialties. You can enjoy this dish marinated and topped with salad, stuffed or as the main role in a dish with homemade pasta, olives, capers and tomato sauce. A sumptuous food universe that sets in motion the taste buds.

The scent of bergamot is amazing
Everyone knows Earl Gray tea, but do you know where the special essence of this tea comes from? Bergamotte is an exceptional citrus fruit that grows far along the coastlines of Calabria. It is used to make essences that are used in Earl Gray tea. But the aroma is also used for delicious cakes that you only find in Calabria.

Specialties in Calabria
If you are traveling to Calabria, be sure to try nduja. It’s a spicy sausage made on pork, and it’s not for the faint of heart; it is full of chili. If you are into flavorful and spicy food, then you should definitely try this specialty in the southern Italian region.
You are most likely to be offered the dish maccaruni fatti in casa, also known as homemade macaroni. The dish consists of spaghetti with a hole made in the middle. The hollow center of the spaghetti is filled with a delicious tomato sauce with fried pieces of meat in it. Once you get a taste of maccaruni fatti in casa, it will not be the last time you order this dish on your trip in Calabria.

An adventurous food universe
You quickly learn that the residents of Calabria are fond of tasty and spicy food — and especially chili. With its very few tourists, Calabria offers a gastronomic adventure just waiting to be discovered. The region is rich in tasty ingredients and is just waiting for you so you can immerse yourself in the Italian food culture.
Have a good trip to Calabria, and don’t forget to take some specialties home to your own country — maybe some bergamot for a homemade cake with a southern Italian feel and taste to it.



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