Historical sights in Vienna, Austria

Classical Music in Vienna

One of the most famous destinations is, of course, the capital Vienna. There are large palaces and museums galore, cozy cafes, good food, authentic architecture, and sublime shopping opportunities here. The city is also famous for being one of the strongholds of classical music, with many options for tourists to raise culturally. So here are some examples of concerts you could attend while experiencing the architecture of Vienna churches.

Concert in St. Anne’s Church

At the concert in St. Anne’s Church in central Vienna, you can enjoy the classical sound of world-famous Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Schubert while admiring the building’s breathtaking baroque architecture. The concert is performed by a talented string ensemble with beautiful solos from performers of international renown.

St.Anne`s Church

Vivaldi Four Seasons Concert at St. Charles Church

Vivaldi’s most acclaimed and revolutionary masterpiece, “Four seasons” is performed by Orchestra 1756 on period instruments in this baroque church with fantastic acoustic. St. Charles Church was finished in 1737. and four years later, Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi died and was buried just a few meters from there.

Vienna Mozart Concert in Historical Costumes

At this concert, you can hear Mozart`s famous work performed by Vienna Mozart Orchestra while dressed in period costumes. The setup makes you feel like you traveled back to the 18th century, especially if you upgrade your ticket to VIP, which buys you a carriage ride to the concert and a chance to meet the costumed performers backstage.

New Year’s Eve Concerts

New Year’s Eve concerts cover both classical and contemporary music. Many current shows are free and are a part of Vienna’s big street festival, ‘Silvesterpfad’, while the classical concerts take place in concert halls. Some of the concerts are ‘Silvesterkonzert‘ by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra held in the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein, or Beethoven no. 9 Symphony performed by Vienna Symphonic Orchestra and the Vienna Singing Academy and held in Wiener Konzerthaus. Also, the concert by Vienna Royal Orchestra which performs music and opera arias by Wolfgang A. Mozart and Johann Strauss, among them also the famous aria ‘Wiener Blut’.



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