Journey Through History: Exploring the Iconic Stops Along Route 66

Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri: A Symbol of Westward Expansion

As the starting point of Route 66, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, serves as a fitting symbol of the westward expansion of the United States. Standing at 630 feet tall, this iconic stainless steel monument offers breathtaking views of the city and the Mississippi River. Visitors can ride to the top of the arch in a unique tram system and learn about the history of the American West at the Museum of Westward Expansion located beneath the arch.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas: A Surreal Tribute to American Automobile Culture

Located just west of Amarillo, Texas, Cadillac Ranch is a must-see stop along Route 66. This unique art installation features ten vintage Cadillac cars buried nose-first in the ground, creating a striking visual spectacle against the wide-open Texas sky. Visitors are encouraged to bring spray paint and leave their mark on the cars, resulting in an ever-changing canvas that celebrates American automobile culture and the spirit of creative expression.

Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona: A Nostalgic Throwback to the Motorist Era

Step back in time to the heyday of the motorist era with a stay at the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona. One of the last remaining Wigwam Villages along Route 66, this iconic roadside motel features individual teepee-shaped guest rooms that evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era. Guests can enjoy modern amenities alongside vintage charm, making it a unique and memorable overnight stop on their Route 66 journey.

Santa Monica Pier in California: The End of the Road

After traversing nearly 2,500 miles from Chicago, Illinois, travelers on Route 66 reach the end of the road at the Santa Monica Pier in California. This historic pier has been a beloved destination for generations of Angelenos and visitors alike, offering stunning ocean views, a bustling amusement park, and a variety of dining and entertainment options. Stroll along the boardwalk, ride the iconic Ferris wheel, and dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean as you celebrate the end of your epic journey along Route 66.

Preserving the Legacy of America’s Main Street

Route 66 is more than just a highway; it’s a symbol of American ingenuity, perseverance, and the spirit of adventure. By exploring the historic landmarks and iconic stops along the route, travelers can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the American West while creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heartland of America along Route 66.



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