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The travel magazine is Denmark’s largest online travel magazine. In the travel magazine you will be brought free travel tips, inspiration, offers, competitions and much more. The content is provided by passionate and experienced travel experts. In our active travel community you will also find articles, travel blogs, guides, webshop and lectures that suit your travel search. At RejsRejsRejs we have therefore gathered everything about travel on our channels for your sake. We are ready to share our knowledge with you who love to travel, whether you are staying at home or just thinking “move abroad.”

Get more out of your travels
Read our detailed insider guides where you can learn more about your next destination. If you are more into short writing, you can find our quick-read introductions to countries and sights around the world. But if you are more into fun and cheeky input, you can find the theme travel fun on the travel magazine’s website, where we pay tribute to the small pleasures associated with traveling.

Before, during and after the trip
Your travel adventure does not begin at the airport. It already begins on the day you decide that your travel dream shall come true. This is where the travel magazine RejsRejsRejs gives you a head start on your travel adventure before heading to the airport. Here at the editorial office, we love to prepare for upcoming trips, discover new interests while we are on the road , and also enjoy the great travel photos after the trip is over.

Discover Denmark as a tourist
Where do you dream of going? Since the spring of 2020, it is not only the southern destinations that have been on the list of Danes’ travel destinations. Now there are bigger offers for the Danish islands, and you therefore do not have to drag the whole family to the airport at four in the morning to reach your flight to Spain at seven. The situation has changed a lot in the last year during the corona pandemic, and we are all flocking to islands such as Læsø, Anholt, Christiansø and Samsø.

Expectations for 2022 — prepare now and travel soon
We began 2021 with lockdown. You may have to think along the same lines as in 2020, and perhaps Denmark will be on the list of holiday destinations for the summer holidays again this year. But when the rest of the world opens up again, you probably have a destination very far away from Denmark that you want to visit. Spend 2021 exploring the country and the area and making plans. And make an inspiration folder for your future journey in 2022. Use this year to build up expectations, and hold on to your travel dream until we can travel properly again.
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