Overlooked island destinations: Kefalonia and Sardinia


If you are drawn to dramatic nature, ecology and swimming in crystal clear water — then a trip to Kefalonia or Sardinia is definitely worth a holiday trip.

The islands are located in the Mediterranean and are easy to reach by plane or ferry. Whether you choose the Greek or the Italian island, there is a guarantee of idyllic Mediterranean atmosphere, welcoming islanders and inviting beaches.

A Greek fairytale
Kefalonia (or Kefallinia) is the largest island in the Ionian Sea — and among the largest Greek islands. It is sparsely populated and less visited than the neighboring islands of Corfu and Zakynthos. But that does not make it any less interesting. On the contrary.
There are good opportunities to explore the wild nature, and if you have a penchant for flora and fauna, then Kefalonia is the right place. You can find several hundred flower species and no less than 60 different orchid species.

Beaches and postcards
In addition to accommodating beautiful flower species, Kefalonia offers lush nature, colorful houses and beautiful beaches. Among other things, the beach Paralia Myrtos, which has added grains of sand to a myriad of postcards, can be enjoyed with views from the surrounding mountains and down the coast.
The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and to get there you have to take a walk through winding hairpin bends. But the winding roads are all worth it, and at the end, a beautiful beach opens up, just waiting for you to jump straight into the waves.

Sardinian island atmosphere
Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is located south of Corsica. The distance around the island are manageable, and the lush nature varies from pine groves and cork plantations to inviting sandy beaches surrounded by steep cliffs.

The island exudes charm, cozy towns and isolated areas, and there is ample opportunity to relax and take a well-deserved rest at one of the island’s many cafes. The inhabitants are hospitable, but be careful to call them Italians — many like Sardinia as an independent state, describe themselves as Sardis, and the everyday language is Sardinian.

Explore the wildlife below the surface
The sea around Sardinia is one of the clearest in Italy, and in some places the bottom can be seen at depths of many meters. This makes it ideal for snorkeling among colorful fish and coral reefs. And do not deceive yourself for a day on the beautiful beach Smeralda.

Despite the fact that Sardinia is a bit in the shadow of Sicily to the south, there may be demand for airline tickets, and the accommodations are booked quickly — so be well in advance when you need to book your tickets.

Safe travels!



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