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We at RejsRejsRejs are crazy about traveling. After years and years doing what we love the most, we thought “hey, why not start a travel magazine?”. You know that moment when you need an information about your next destination and you have to go through various pages and articles to find one simple answer? Well, we are trying to change that. At RejsRejsRejs, you can find in-depth traveling guides for various themes like destinations, sustainable travel, packing and many more. You can find inspiration for your next trip, funny travel memes, amazing deals and subscribe for our newsletter. If you choose to subscribe, you will receive our newsletter two times a month, where you get an overview of the latest travel tips, selected travel offers to the whole world and the opportunity to win great travel prizes in the ongoing draws. In addition to our website, we also have 2 apps and 8 social media channels.

RejsRejsRejs has an editorial staff consisting of travel-savvy people who love to share their knowledge and tell about their favorite destinations. Today, the editorial staff has a team of 8 and over 70 external travel writers. Our wish is to help you travel better, travel longer (in time) and to travel as responsible as possible.

A good trip lasts much longer than the time you are away. Here at the editorial office, we cultivate both the time before the trip, which is full of anticipation and preparation, the time while you are on the go, and also the time after, when you return home happy — and start planning for your next vacation.

All in all, you can check in on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or download our app. But to warn you, you will get an instant wish to book your next destination.

From all of us here at RejsRejsRejs, have a nice trip.



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