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As an alternative to staying in hotels or luxury resorts, you can choose a homestay vacation which means that you are sharing a home with local hosts. And what is a better way to immerse yourself into the local culture than to spend time with Thai families? You could learn how to cook traditional Thai food, can go fishing with fishermen, or assist with the production of craftwork. Here are some examples of experiences you will never forget.

Ko Yo Homestay

For example, the community on Ko Yo Island in Southern Thailand offers inclusive activities to tourists that demonstrate nature-oriented cultural harmony with its natural resources. The main income of the community revolves around sustainable fishing and the farming of chempedak, a cousin to jackfruit, and organic cotton weaving. Tourists can help cultivate the chempedak and join local women in weaving coconut leaves into “khro” to protect the fruit from insects. They can learn traditional prawn-trapping techniques passed down over generations before retiring to their own personal “khanam,” or floating house situated over the calm waters.

Akha Ama Coffee

As a tribute to its founding mother, a member of the Akha hill tribe set up a coffee production company in order to generate jobs and local economies in the area. This product is now affectionately called Akha Ama coffee. The local community continues to practice sustainable agriculture on its ancestral lands. Its three-day Coffee Journey invites tourists into the daily lives of the coffee farmers, from bean to cup.

Mae Kampong town

A small village of just over 130 houses and 370 inhabitants, which has become a model for community tourism in Thailand. Mae Kampong is ideal for growing tea, a plant that has yielded many benefits in northern Thailand. Later, they also incorporated coffee cultivation. The locals are organizing their tourist offers by themselves, and it can involve helping with daily tasks or simply enjoying the local vibe and visiting surrounding beauties like Mae Kampong Village and combining it with Muang Cave and Sankhampaeng Hot Springs.



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