This is why Slovenia is the best travel destination for cultural lovers

Slovenia is for many an unknown travel destination. The country is located in Central Europe and borders Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria. The country offers a cultural experience with a magnificent history.

The capital Ljubljana
On a visit to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana you can experience great culture for all of your money. The medieval castle Predjama juts out from a rock wall high up in the mountains. You can in an unforgettable way experience the wild nature around you. It is a memorable sight you encounter at the top of this medieval castle.

Enchanting villages in Slovenia
Do you believe in witches and supernatural phenomena? They do that in Slovenia. As far back as the 17th century, a predilection for the belief in witches and superstitious rituals for the Slovenes arose. They believed that some people could predict one’s future, practice magic, and even cure the sick. The culture of Slovenia is not completely free from these supernatural forces.

Today, beliefs are more about the natural than the supernatural; it’s about being connected with nature — and that makes good sense. It is an approach that the Slovenes have taken to such an extent, and it is certainly breathtaking to experience as a tourist in the country.

The cultural cuisine
Slovenia’s food culture appeals especially to big strong men, as Slovenian cuisine consists primarily of solid meat dishes. The meat is prepared in many different ways, but the common feature of Slovenian cuisine is, that it is always huge meat portions that are served.

If you are not a big fan of the “green stuff“ on your plate, then Slovenia is perfect for you. It is very rare that you automatically get salad, potatoes or within this range, when being served a meat portion. The vegetables is something that usually has to be ordered separately. That is why this food culture is created for every meat lover out there.

Beautiful nature, magnificent history and authentic culture
Slovenia attracts tourists who want to get up close and personal with the real and authentic culture. Do you want to go on an adventure and experience one of the countries in Europe that is often overlooked as a travel destination? Then travel to Slovenia. Whether you want to see the beautiful nature that the country is shrouded in, go on a discovery journey back in Slovenian history or experience a culture that cannot be compared to other countries, Slovenia is the obvious choice.

All this forms the outline of a perfect journey to one of the most overlooked countries in Europe. Pack your suitcase and start you adventure — Slovenia is only a short flight from Denmark, but it is an adventure in itself ..