Cyprus, the beautiful holiday island located in the Mediterranean Sea about 100 km south from the coast of Turkey, is a glorious gem that is definitely worth a visit.

Cyprus is divided into two sections, with the southern two thirds of the island being seen as the ‘Greek’ part, while the northern one third of the island has been Turkish territory since 1974.
The island’s distinctive division and history allows you to experience something completely unique on this Mediterranean island: the world’s last shared capital.

The Greek Cypriots call the capital Nicosia, while the Turks say Lefkosa. What both peoples…

With Austria as a holiday destination, you should have no doubt that the country has plenty to offer for you and your family. That being said, planning a vacation in Austria can seem a bit frustrating when deciding which cities and places to visit along the way.

Austria’s second largest city is home to many family friendly sights
When talking about holidays in Austria, you probably think of ski holidays or roadtrip holidays. But it does not have to be neither. Austria’s second largest city Graz offers many sights to suit the whole family — even in the summer months. The…

When you talk about big cities out of the ordinary, it is often the northern hemisphere that comes into play. Cities like Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai often run away with the titles as the best big cities to experience. But the southern hemisphere has plenty to offer, including Argentina’s beautiful capital Buenos Aires.

Argentina — an overlooked pearl
Buenos Aires can do something that the stylish, cool northern glass-and-steel cities can’t do. We find life, party and colors beyond the usual, and you can almost feel the culture and atmosphere pulsating through the body.
The city was founded in the…

Active holidays and the unique experiences have become more and more popular in the recent years. The traditional beach holidays with the obligatory trips to the local museum have increasingly been enriched with experiences where we get to move around and the memories last forever. Two such vacations can be found in Cappadocia in Turkey and in the scenic southwestern Europe, the Camino in Spain.

Scenic Cappadocia
If there is one activity that Cappadocia is known for, it is the colorful hot air balloons. Roam high into the air with the big balloons and have an unforgettable experience. …

Slovenia is for many an unknown travel destination. The country is located in Central Europe and borders Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria. The country offers a cultural experience with a magnificent history.

The capital Ljubljana
On a visit to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana you can experience great culture for all of your money. The medieval castle Predjama juts out from a rock wall high up in the mountains. You can in an unforgettable way experience the wild nature around you. It is a memorable sight you encounter at the top of this medieval castle.

Enchanting villages in Slovenia
Do you believe…

Denmark’s largest online travel magazine
The travel magazine is Denmark’s largest online travel magazine. In the travel magazine you will be brought free travel tips, inspiration, offers, competitions and much more. The content is provided by passionate and experienced travel experts. In our active travel community you will also find articles, travel blogs, guides, webshop and lectures that suit your travel search. At RejsRejsRejs we have therefore gathered everything about travel on our channels for your sake. …

Portugal is a slightly overlooked holiday destination and that is a shame. The country is a wonderful travel country, whether you are visiting for culture, an active holiday, relaxation or a good mixture of it all.

If you go to the capital Lisbon, you will experience a city that offers a bit of everything. Over 500,000 people lives here, making it Portugal’s largest city. The city offers some of the best culture and the best experiences you can find in Portugal — and there is plenty to explore.

An experience you should definitely not deceive yourself about, is a…

If you are drawn to dramatic nature, ecology and swimming in crystal clear water — then a trip to Kefalonia or Sardinia is definitely worth a holiday trip.

The islands are located in the Mediterranean and are easy to reach by plane or ferry. Whether you choose the Greek or the Italian island, there is a guarantee of idyllic Mediterranean atmosphere, welcoming islanders and inviting beaches.

A Greek fairytale
Kefalonia (or Kefallinia) is the largest island in the Ionian Sea — and among the largest Greek islands. It is sparsely populated and less visited than the neighboring islands of Corfu…

Italy is rich in gastronomic experiences. The taste of Mediterranean culture is sumptuous, but one of the more overlooked regions of southern Italy is more than rich in ingredients you just have to try. The region of Calabria offers gastronomic art with flavors from the Arabic, northern and Mediterranean cuisine.

The best dishes in Reggio Calabria
In the southern Italian region of Reggio Calabria, you will be offered dishes that include stockfish and clipfish. There is actually not a single restaurant in Reggio Calabria that does not have their own interpretation of the dish stockfish, stocco. In addition to the most…

Even though it was million of years ago that dinosaurs had their way on earth, they have left many traces — and you can follow them in Patagonia and Turkmenistan.

Fitz Roy, Patagonia in Argentina

Dinosaur tracks among mountain goats and caves
Turkmenistan may not be the most obvious tourist destination. Nevertheless, the Central Asian country has some of the most impressive and well-preserved dinosaur footprints. You can measure your feet with the footprints in the nature reserve Köýtendag in eastern Turkmenistan on the border of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
The reserve is located in a mountainous, untouched and difficult to access area. …

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